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Universal Studios

Orlando, FL

Hollywood, CA

More information to come soon for both Universal Studios.  Universal Studios can be confusing. What does it all mean? 

1 Park, 2 Parks, 3 Parks

Base Ticket, Park to Park Ticket

1 Day Ticket, 2 Day Ticket

I can help you figure it all out and it cost no more than if you called yourself.  

The Benefits:

  • One person to answer all your questions

  • Personalized service by someone who cares about you and you and not just answering calls to meet their quota.

  • Not having to wait on hold for hours.

  • Having someone who would rather tell you what is or is not needed in your vacation, because I care if you use me in the future.

  • I can create packages that include airfare

  • A portion of your money that you would have sent to the big companies, stays in your local community to help it grow.

  • Instead of supporting a big company by giving them more profits, you are creating a job for a local mom.

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Universal Studios Specialist

Please call me at (618) 741-3288 


email me at

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