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What Will Fall Be Like This Year at Disney?

Have you ever wanted to go to Disney World during the Fall or Halloween season? Is it too early for Fall? Yes. And No. Starbucks has already started selling their pumpkin spiced menu items. Honestly, I'm surprised Disney hasn't come out with details about the upcoming season sooner.

Disney released information yesterday about how they will be celebrating their fall holiday season. Starting September 15 to October 31, 2020, Main Street at the Magic Kingdom will be decorated with fall decor and other special seasonal offerings. Among the surprises, there will be a Halloween-themed cavalcade with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and pals wearing their favorite Halloween costume. So what's a cavalcade? A formal procession of people walking or riding in vehicles through a city or village. Is this how they will bring back the parades at Disney? We can only hope. They may not be as big or as scheduled, but this has to be a big step in getting back what we have come to love about Disney. Other places you might find some characters dressed up include: Chip 'n' Dale in costumes at Frontierland and other friends dressed in style riding the horse-drawn trolley on Main Street, U.S.A.

Honestly, I think these interactions could lead to a better Disney World. If you can think back to your first visit to a Disney Park, can you remember the feeling when you saw an unexpected character? For my family, that is part of the magic Disney holds for us. It's one thing to stand in line for hours to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen, but there is something magical about a character showing up unexpectedly. You quickly get inline to meet them. After you leave, it feels so good. Because after all, Disney requires lots of planning. It makes you feel so accomplished and special. There is a magical excitement you have, when you spot a character and you say to your child "look there's Peter Pan;" when you weren't expecting to see Peter Pan. Especially, if it's a hot day and everyone's complaining their feet hurting and they don't want to go to this ride, they want to go to a different one. When you see that character with your family, you experience that joy together. Suddenly everyone forgets about what they were complaining about. Now the kids can't stop talking about how great it was to be at the right place at the right time to meet these special characters or even catch a glimpse of some rare characters. Anyway, I hope this is Disney's way of slowly introducing back some of the magical moments they are known for.

What's even better than seeing your favorite characters dressed up? Seeing how far people can go with their own costumes! For the first time during regular operating hours at the Magic Kingdom, Disney guests will be allowed to wear their own costumes. Disney fanatics are known for some good costumes, you are sure to see some funny, creative, and most Disney-ist costumes ever. How fun! This means that this year you will not have to pay for a special ticketed event to enjoy dressing up for this fun activity. Anytime during regular hours from Sept 15 thru Oct. 31, guests are welcome to sport their best appropriate costumes at the Magic Kingdom. So start thinking of what yours might be! Just be sure that your adult costume does not include a whole costume facemask (only Disney approved PPE,) they will not be permitted, only for children under 14 years old are able to wear costume masks.

If you are like me and really want to see Disney at what some people call it's the best time of year, this just may be the year. Decorations of pumpkin wreaths, specially themed fall treats, will be greeting you on Mainstreet to get you into the fall spirit as soon as you enter the Magic Kingdom. Don't forget to look for some favorite treats like the Pumpkin-spiced Waffle Sundae, collectible Mickey Jack-o-Lantern popcorn containers, themed cupcakes, and frozen concoctions at the Magic Kingdom. Subscribe to my website to get news from the Foodie Guide to Fall at Walt Disney World.

Other items to get you in the fall spirit, why but what else, but a new spirit jersey! As well as other Disney Villains inspired apparel, Loungefly backpack, and candy-swirl Minnie Mouse ears. I wonder if they will have anything inspired by the new Disney Descendants short "Mal & Ben Finally Ever After" (airing Aug. 28, 2020, at 5 pm?)

One of my best all-time favorite things about Disney is the Disney PhotoPass. My kids and family do not like getting their pictures taken, so why would we spend the money on adding the photo pass to our package? For my family, it is worth it. Since I don't spend money each year on getting family photos, my money is well spent on purchasing DPP. There are some tricks that could cut the cost of the DPP. Be sure to ask your Disney Authorized Travel Planner about this. It is also only worth it if you use it. If you are not going to stop and get your picture taken by a DPP photographer and only think of it as pictures for the rides, then it may not be worth it for your family. That's another way that a Disney Authorized Travel Planner can help you make your decisions to purchase this feature or skip it this time. Most do not charge any extra fees to book with them, so why not!

I didn't get to actually answering why it is worth it for my family. This topic in itself could be a whole blog post. Leave me a comment if you want to hear more details about the Disney PhotoPass. There are tons of tips for getting the most out of your DPP. This Fall Disney may have to step up their PhotoPass game since many of the character experiences are missing for the 2020 Fall season, that's a lot of photos left on the table. Let's hope they do, they have already announced that there will be specialty themed photo ops around the park. It sounds like even some happy haunts just might pop in your photos too!

With crowds right now at all-time lows, this could just be the perfect season for your family to visit. Low crowds can mean low wait times, fewer people in your Disney PhotoPass Photos, fewer people in line for the Photographers. However, if your family has not been to Disney before, or it is there second or even third time, please talk to an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. Disney is different right now and if you are unfamiliar with how Disney works, it can still be hard to navigate the planning and what to expect. I wouldn't want guests to not experience the full magic that is so extra special your first few times. However, if you have already experienced Disney and love it you can probably decide for yourself if you want to visit. Even if this is your tenth time to Disney, I still recommend using an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. Most do not charge any fees. It is also easier than calling Disney directly. You do not get better prices booking it yourself. It is actually the same price if you go through an ADTP or Disney. There are many benefits of using an ADTP, I will probably save that for another blog post as well.

I would LOVE to see your family's costumes, please share them in the comments, whether they were taken at Disney or just Disney themed!


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