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My mission is to support my clients by providing individualized attention in planning their trips. I want to maximize the magic each vacation brings to their friends and family. For each person, this can look different. For some, it might be a relaxing time on a beach at an all-inclusive.  It could be planning a trip with you and your kids that you will never forget at Disney.   Or seeing as much as you can see on a cruise.  I will provide education on the planning process and provide insider tips throughout each phase of the planning process. My skills and connections as an  EarMarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will add value to your vacation. Even though my services are free. Let me show you how I can add value, benefits, knowledge, savings, and services to your vacations.




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I have a bachelor's degree in Education and multiple specializations including Science, technology, and more. Along with having 30+ hours towards a graduate degree.  I have taught various places, grades, and subjects for longer than I could believe at least 15 years.

Teaching put a strain on the rest of my life and the people who counted on me: my two kids, my mother, my husband, and myself.  Slowly life began to change and after multiple hardships, I knew I needed to find something new if I was to enjoy the rest of my life.  During this time the realization began setting in that I needed to find something else to fulfill my life.   This was the most difficult decision in my life.  I had never thought about doing anything else besides teaching.

Around the same time, my husband and I decided to take the kids to Disney while they were still young.  Since my husband was not looking forward to the trip, I knew I had to make every moment count.  I figured I would only get one chance.  I spent countless hours researching (that's what I do.)   It turned out to be a great trip.  Afterward, I wouldn't have said I knew we were going to be back.
It wasn't until we reminisced with the kids about our memories while at home that we realized we were Disney fans.  Thinking about any other type of vacation was just not as exciting.   We wished we could go to Disney and enjoy all of the things to do for adults (we never knew they had.)  Post-Disney trips no longer seemed like as much fun for everyone.
After two more trips to Disney, I realized that becoming a travel agent could give me many of the same joys as teaching.  I am not a seller, although that's a big part of what a teacher does. If the kids don't buy your lesson, you will fail. I never looked at it as selling, only getting the kids excited about learning whatever topic it might be.  So I decided instead of selling vacations to people I would educate them to help them plan their own amazing trips. 


 Being a former technology teacher has prepared me for the countless hours of research I do for my clients.   I help them by educating them to understand and choose what is best for their family or group.  I do this for multiple locations and types of vacations.  I was also a huge problem solver.  This comes in handy when creating the best vacation for a family or a group. There's no reason why a vacation can in part be a little bit for everyone and everyone can enjoy it even if they wanted different things.

In the beginning, I focused on Disney because I came to notice there are two types of people, those who loved Disney and those who could only say bad things.  My research/problem-solver sides came out and I was interested in how different people could have such different views about the same places. It was as if they were not even visiting the same place.  Then it hit me while listening to stories of people who didn't like it.  One common thread was that they were not prepared.

This led me to want to help people be in the know about Disney before they go. You just need to know a little bit of the ins and outs of Disney for it to make a big difference in the type of vacation you have.  That's where I come in to help them save them from potentially having a bad vacation.  

By educating my clients I save them hundreds of hours scouring the internet trying to figure out how to plan a Disney trip.  I don't want to take away their planning if they want to do it themselves.  For some people, that's part of the joy of their vacations. However, if they prefer, I can do the planning for them.  I also provide them with many time and money-saving tips and tricks to get the most magic out of their vacation.  Not to mention that it does not cost my clients any more by booking their Disney vacation through me, than if they would book themselves through Disney.  I can also save them lots of time they may spend on hold. Each time they call they have to explain their situation and then ask questions to someone different and explain their specific situation again, and again.  When working with me you don't have to worry about coming up with the questions to ask.  I am usually the one making sure you are ready to answer the questions on how you want to spend your trip before you can ever think of them.  


My vision for my clients is to help them improve their life through trips and vacations. Going on a trip and even having a trip planned is an amazing mental health booster.  I believe a little planning for your trips can make the difference between having a great time and a magical time.  It is my job to help them through the entire planning process and make it as stress-free and worry-free as possible.


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