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My mission is to support my clients by providing individualized attention in planning their trip to Disney and allow them to maximize the magic and fun Disney has to offer.  I will provide education on the planning process and provide insider tips throughout each phase of the planning process. Creating the most magic for the money. I will show them how an EarMarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will add value to your vacation, not only because our services are free but because of the added benefits, knowledge and savings an Authorized Agent can offer you.




My vision for my clients is not just to visit Disney, but to live the magic.  It is my job to help them through the entire process of a Disney Vacation.


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My Disney Journey started just over 4 years ago on my first trip to Disney World.  My husband and I decided we had better take the kids now while they were young.  Not looking forward to the trip, I knew I had to make every moment count.  I spent countless hours researching (that's what I do.)  We went we had a good time....
It wasn't until we reminisced with the kids about our memories while home that we realized we were Disney fans.  Thinking about any other type of vacation was just not as exciting.   We wished we could just go to Disney and enjoy all of the things to do for adults (we never knew they had.)  On other vacations, we were not as happy as much as when the kids were happy and entertained at Disney. 
After two more trips, I decided that I wanted to help people learn about Disney and help them plan their own amazing trips.  I have heard plenty of stories where people have had awful times waiting in line etc. it saddens me because they really don't know it does require a lot of planning to have a good time while you are there. 


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