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Fun by Fischer Travel


My goal is to help families and groups find the perfect vacation.  As a former teacher, I love helping and teaching clients about new destinations or experiences.  I listen to what they are looking for and any special requirements they might have.   Then we talk about their wants and together, come up with ideas for trips they want to take.


Working with Carrie

At Fun by Fischer Travel, I specialize in customized travel planning for all types of trips. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend away or an epic family adventure, I've got you covered. My travel plans are fully personalized to you and what you want to see and do, no matter the destination. As a travel agent, I understand that every client's needs are different, which is why I take the time to get to know you and your travel objectives. With Fun by Fischer Travel, you can expect the highest level of attention to detail and care, from the moment you book till the day you come back home.


How can this be, no fees?

 The best part is that I provide all of this with no extra fees to my clients. The suppliers that I work with all include these services with their pricing, whether they book themselves online or book with me.  However,  the only way I am compensated for the time I take to educate and quote their vacations is if they book with me.  Even then I do not receive anything until after they have traveled.  

Who needs a travel agent?

You might be thinking why book with Fun by Fischer Travel if I already know where I want to go.  That's easy, with me you are not just getting someone to help you figure out where you want to go, I add value to every part of your trip.  Some trips require more work than others, but once you have worked with me, there isn't a great reason why you wouldn't.  I provide direct contact between you and the property.  You don't have to call in and wait on hold. I will proactively be looking for a better price if one comes along. If I can adjust the price to save my clients' money, I will.  This doesn't seem like the best business practice, but I would rather have repeat clients than a one-and-done.  If you have problems during your trip, I can work to get them solved quickly.  If after your trip something isn't right, you have another person on your side who knows what appropriate procedures would look like.  

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