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Fun for Families at Home

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

June 1, 2020

Since many families are staying at home, it is appropriate that this months post is from the Kids and Family at Home page on Royal Caribbean's Website . It has some great activities for kids and families to do at home, since they can't be cruising right now.

Most websites have been posting a few activities and have been calling it good. When I looked at Royal Caribbean's site, I was really impressed with the amount of activities and the over all variety of activities. But then again, they do know how to entertain families.

Not only do they have nautical, sea, animals and cruise themed coloring pages for children, but themed adult coloring pages as well. Looking to have a cruise theme night? Maybe widen your social circle by having another family over. You could make your favorite dish and serve your favorite cocktail with recipes straight from the ship. Use the placemat section to print out placemats with riddles and puzzles to make your kids feel like they are at a sit down restaurant or on the ship. After dinner try some riddles themed around Royal Caribbean facts. My favorite activity is the photo games you can download. Try and spot as many items, or spot differences in the photos.

Just think of all the ways you can use this page to create a memorable way to tell your kids you are going on a cruise (when it's safe,) or to get pumped up about a Royal Caribbean Cruise you already have planned.

  • ProTip: Take an activity picture from their site and overlay a puzzle outline onto it, laminate it and then cut it out. Hide pieces using a scavenger hunt type clues and when they find all of the pieces they have a game, and a big surprise! Trust me it will be memorable. You could print a message on the back explaining that you are going on a cruise. You can make it extra special if you are going with another family to have them complete the puzzle together and learn that they will be going together on the same cruise.

After your Cruise themed night at home, you can use Royal Caribbean's Kids and Family at Home Activities page to find instructions on folding your own towel animals.

Are you missing cruising yourself? Or just want to feel like brightening your day or maybe someone else's? Check out the special wallpapers section, or download some special postcards to send to friends, from Royal's own private island destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

If you are not sure about cruising or have questions you would like me to answer please feel free to contact me and I can answer those questions for you. Please follow, or subscribe if you are interested in reading my future blog post comparing our 2019 Disney Cruise to our 2020 Royal Caribbean cruise.cfis

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